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Picking a good curtain cleaning company can be as tricky as picking the right curtains for your home or office. Hence, always look for someone with a decent reputation and industry experience, like Curtain Cleaners Benalla. With us on the job, your curtains will look as new as ever. Our efficient Curtain Cleaning Benalla treatment is applauded all over Australia by both commercial and residential clientele. Call now to book an appointment for curtain cleaning in Benalla.

Our curtain cleaning techniques

Our experts believe every fabric is unique. Hence, we come up with unique cleaning techniques to restore curtains to their original form. The two most preferred techniques for cleaning curtains are drapery steam cleaning and dry cleaning services.

Steam cleaning:

This method is a classic, time-tested technique for cleaning upholstery items. Here, professionals inject steam pressure that penetrates deep into the fabric and effectively eliminates dirt and stains from the fabric. Later, curtains are rinsed to eliminate chemical residues and dried using mechanical equipment. Our professionals favor this strategy for mold remediation and sanitization purposes.

Scotch-guarding treatment: 

Apart from offering cleaning services, our team is trained and well equipped to conduct scotch-guarding treatments. This treatment basically acts as a protective shield for your curtains. Once the curtain is dry, post-steam cleaning experts spray a solution on the curtains and allow them to soak and dry properly. This solution serves as a barrier between dirt, dust, and germs and the fabric of the curtains.

Since the scotch-guarding solution is a Teflon-based chemical blend, it is odorless and colorless. This means your curtains will not smell like chemicals, nor will they leave any kind of stain. Furthermore, this solution makes your curtains stain and water-resistant; it prevents liquid of any kind from immediately soaking into the fabric, thus making it easier to clean during accidents and mishaps. Fabric protection treatment makes cleaning easier and lasts up to a year, so it is highly recommended that it be obtained from professionals.

Dry powder cleaning:

Dry cleaning includes the use of dry powder solvents for cleaning curtains. This solution is sprinkled on curtains and allowed to sit for some time. The solvent is then extracted using a high-filtration dirt extractor. The grime and staining substances that have settled in the fabric of the curtains are extracted in the process. We use this technique for same-day Curtain Cleaning Benalla  since this method ensures a faster drying time.

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Our Service:

  • Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Professional curtain cleaning
  • Roller blind cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning of Curtains
  • Onsite curtain cleaning
  • Cleaning of Roman Blinds
  • Drape Cleaning
  • Offsite curtain cleaning
  • Same-day Curtain Cleaning Benalla
  • Venetian blind cleaning
  • Cleaning Services for Curtains

Why choose us?

Our loyal customer base is a result of our continuous efforts, advanced technology, and skilled cleaning techniques. We offer:

  • Experienced curtain cleaners in Benalla
  • Highly skilled and trained team
  • Use of industry-updated tools
  • Organic cleansing techniques
  • Pickup and delivery of curtains
  • Affordable rates and no hidden charges
  • 24/7 emergency availability

We take pride in offering the finest curtain cleaning solutions to both commercial and residential clientele. Give us a call if you want to restore your drapes with our excellent Curtain Cleaning Benalla service.

Frequently asked questions:

Shrinkage is likely to happen when the tool or cleanser used is inappropriate. Furthermore, some fabric materials are prone to shrinking regardless; in such cases, our experts will ensure that the curtains are properly measured before resizing them.
The charges we quote for cleaning curtains may vary depending on a number of factors, including fabric type and usage, level of damage or client expectations from the treatment
No, our team will efficiently extract all the dirt from your curtains before wetting them anyway, so you don’t have to vacuum them.
Yes, every single crew member has to undergo a rigorous background check. We are concerned for your safety just as much as you are; hence, only highly experienced and trained employees are sent to your residence.

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