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Although the maintenance of the curtains does not require too much frequency if they are not properly pressed or steam ironed after cleaning then they might appear wrinkled and shabby, thus ruining the aesthetic appeal of the curtains completely, particularly, if the material of the curtain is linen, cotton, silk and as such pure natural fabrics. The more natural the fabric, the more care you will have to take when cleaning and ironing it.

At Curtain Cleaners Melbourne, we adapt every day to your needs. For this reason, our services offer the best of curtain cleaning and pressing in Melbourne. We help you take care of all your curtain needs at your home or office in a comfortable and economical way. Curtain cleaning, repairing and pressing are some of the services that we put at your disposal. Hire our curtain pressing services in Melbourne and discover all the advantages of enjoying a comfortable and professional service that will improve your day-to-day life in your home or business.

Reasons for curtain pressing:

Ironing or pressing is the final step of a perfect laundry, which leaves all the curtains impeccable as if they were just bought.

  • The prime reason behind curtain pressing is that when ironing clothes we get the fibres to regain their natural shape, extending their life for longer.
  • Also, ironing provides hygiene, elegance and neatness. The folds and falls of the curtains look better when they are pressed efficiently.
  • Moreover, by ironing clothes, the proliferation of germs and bacteria in fabrics can be avoided.

So, for the flawless appearance of your curtains, curtain pressing is a prime requirement.

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Tips to perfect the process of curtain pressing and ironing

For the most commendable results, it is best to rely on the proficiency of the professional curtain experts. However, if you are planning on taking over the task by yourself, here are a few basic tips that might help.

  • It is best to start ironing after making the curtains slightly moist. This will facilitate wrinkle removal, especially on heavy materials. However, in case of dry sheets, use the steam mode or sprinkle a little water to remove wrinkles and creases.
  • Delicate materials like organza, silk and as such should be ironed through an additional pad of cotton fabric, placed under the curtain.
  • Keep in mind that you must make a movement so that each fold you iron is pulling the upper part of them towards you and that the lower part is away from you, which will allow them to maintain their shape.
  • The other part of the curtain should be ironed in a horizontal direction and let what is already ironed fall onto the opposite side of the ironing board.
  • You should do this same procedure until you finish ironing the entire curtain.
  • To iron the seams, use a one or two layer gauze lining. In the process of ironing seams, turn off the steam function on the iron. Steam may not damage dense fabric, but delicate materials will wrinkle under the influence of steam.
  • Another very important piece of information that you have to know is the type of fabric it is made of in order to know at what temperature the ironing should be and not burn or ruin the fabric.
  • Another modern method of ironing is using steam. The advantage of ironing curtains with steam is that steam leaves the moisture in the fabric more penetratingly and ironing is faster.

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How to Reach Us?

As we have mentioned earlier, before starting to iron the curtains, it is imperative to learn about the fabric types so that the temperature can be adjusted as per the requirement, otherwise high temperature may ruin delicate fabrics.

Due to all these minor technicalities, it is best to reach out to professional curtain specialists like us. Call us anytime to book our outstanding curtain pressing services in Melbourne.

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