How to Prevent Shower Curtain from Getting Mould?

Your home and how it is maintained speaks volumes about your personal taste and habits.  A beautiful home is a well-maintained and clean one where all rooms are equally cared for including stores, open spaces, and bathrooms. House proud homeowners periodically employ experts like Curtain Cleaning Melbourne experts to clean and maintain curtains, sheers, and yes shower curtains too.

At times many people neglect cleaning and caring for shower curtains but they are very functional to any home as they are used to keep off excess water from spilling and spraying onto bathroom floors and over splashing the walls. So the curtain fabric has to withstand quite a lot including the challenges from excess moisture. Keeping them dry is of paramount importance as they might cause mould growth bringing in bad smells and other health complications. Regular care by hiring Curtain Cleaners Melbourne services is a great combat measure to such growths.

For the rest of the house, mould can be a challenge in winter but since the bathrooms are humid and moist mould growth on curtains is a yearly nuisance that many wish to avoid. This is a tough thing as after a good steamy shower, the curtains and walls turn humid and wet. The shower curtains too are affected. But while it is good to get help from Professional curtain cleaning Melbourne experts to keep curtains mould-free, there are a few handy suggestions that work in fighting mould from your bathroom curtains.

How to Prevent Shower Curtain from Getting Mould?

  1. Machine washing your shower curtains

The sight of any mould on your bathroom curtain can be such an eyesore. Sadly after each bath, the bathroom turns into a wonderful chamber of box for such fungal growths as humidity and moisture are in plenty of supply. By keeping the humidity in check chances of such unwanted fungal growth can be minimized not just on curtains but other surfaces according to experts of some Curtain Mould removal Melbourne services.

You can easily remove the moldy patch from shower curtains by machine washing if it is permissible on the label. First place a couple of large towels in the machine and on top place your moldy curtains and then top with a few more bath towels. Add half a cup of baking soda and one cap of detergent and run on a gentle cycle using hot water. After the spin is over, remove the curtains from the machine, hang them, and then air dry them.

  1. Shake the shower curtain following every use

Once you have finished your bath, stretch the curtains and shake them lightly to let off excess moisture. Doing this will keep off mildew and mould, especially for fabric shower curtains advises a few Curtain Cleaners Melbourne experts.

  1. Always dry the bathroom turning on the exhaust fan after bathing

Once you have had your bath, turn on the exhaust fan for a good 15-20 minutes to completely dry the bathroom including floors, walls, and curtains.

  1. Allow fresh air

Facilitate humidity to escape by keeping the bathroom door open for some time after using it for showering. Similarly, open the window to allow cool and dry air to seep in. Sunlight also fights off molds and mildew. Keep windows shut if outside air is humid as this would aggravate things.

  1. Use the HVAC system in summers

During hot summer seasons turn on the air conditioner to keep the temperature cooler and fight off mildew and mould growth.

  1. Hang towels on rods after bathing

The towel racks should be used to hang the towels after bathing. Avoid leaving towels on the floor or bathtub or sink counters as wet towels contribute to increasing humidity inside your bathrooms.

  1. Make a homemade anti mould and mildew spray

To treat your curtains like Professional curtain cleaning Melbourne specialists, you may make an anti-fungal spray. For this mix a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol, one cup of water, and a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Then add a few drops of liquid soap and pour into a spray bottle that is dark colored. Mist the shower curtain as a routine daily on your curtains. You may also buy a liner for your shower curtains that are sold as mildew and mould resistant.

Bathroom hygiene and care are very important for all households and reflect on your personal taste and sense of cleanliness. Keeping the walls, floors, and curtains dry is necessary to fight off bad smells, accidents, and moldy growth. They not only look unsightly but cause allergies and breathing discomforts. The above tips should help you maintain and clean your shower curtains well and also keep them mould free at all times.