How to Prevent Shower Curtains From Getting Mould

Your shower curtain is continuously exposed to moisture due to which it becomes vulnerable to mould and mildew. Here we have listed a few tips and tricks for preventing mould built-up in your shower curtains.

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How to prevent mould growth on your shower curtain?

For preventing mould growth on your shower curtain, you need to take precise steps and prompt actions for eradicating the mould spores from the shower curtain.  Here are a few steps for ensuring that mould growth is prevented from your curtains.

  1. Cleanse the curtains, liner, curtain rod and rings regularly-

Cleansing each and every part of your shower curtain eliminates the mould particles which are prevalent in your shower curtains. For proper cleaning, you can check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  You can clean the curtains by using sustainable solutions and then air-dry the curtains totally.   For cleaning the shower rod, you can use an effective cleaner like vinegar and wipe it with a clean cloth. This method can effectively remove mould spores from your curtains.

  1. Keep curtain and liner separately- 

Post-shower, make sure that you place the shower liner inside the tub and keep curtains outside the so that they can be cleaned properly.

  1. Do not let the indoors become too humid-

Extreme humidity can be one prominent reason behind mould and mildew growth in your shower curtain. Hence, it is advisable to maintain balanced humidity and ensure that there is no accumulated moisture in your bathroom. You need to focus more on balancing the airflow in your bathroom by either keeping a vent or investing in a dehumidifier.

  1. Keep your bathroom clean- 

Along with cleaning the shower curtain regularly, you also need to focus on cleaning your bathroom properly and regularly for washing away all the unwanted elements and allergens. This will also help you to enhance the overall hygiene and well-being in your property while also maintaining the look of your bathroom. Also, if you feel it is a tedious task, then you can appoint professional curtain cleaners in Melbourne for who can offer effective and flawless curtain cleaning services at affordable rates.

  1. Maintain dryness in your bathroom- 

Here we have listed a few steps for keeping your bathroom dry and clean-

Here are the steps-

  • Hang up the towel and shower mat after using them.
  • Wipe the pooled water
  • Clean the shower curtains regularly.
  • Check the airflow
  1. Keep a check on mould- 

Even though you have taken all the precautions from your end, still you need to keep a close check on the curtains to make sure that there are no mould spores or spots on the shower curtain, liner, rings or rods. Also, you need to check the grout, toilet tank and place below the sink for checking that there are no traces of mould and mildew in your shower curtains.

These steps can help you in preventing mould and mildew built up on your property and make sure that your home is clean and hygienic. You can also connect with experts for curtain cleaning in Melbourne and seek help from expert professionals.

How to eliminate mould from shower curtains?

If you spot that your shower curtain has already been infested by mould, then it is better that you discard the curtain and install a fresh and clean one in that place. Mould has the ability to grow and spread roots. Hence, it is difficult to remove the mould from your curtains completely if it has spread already. So, to make sure that there are no extreme side effects on your shower curtains because of mould, it is best to remove them and replace them with new ones.

Although mould removal from shower curtains is a necessary task, still doing it by yourself can be tedious and harmful to your health. Hence, it is advisable to hire experts for curtain cleaning in Melbourne who can help you with substantial and effective cleaning solutions in Melbourne.

So, contact us right away to schedule an appointment and to know more about our curtain cleaning services in Melbourne.