What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in DIY Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne?

You may prefer DIY curtain cleaning, as it is a cost-effective method of curtain cleaning. Anyway, regular curtain cleaning involves DIY curtain cleaning to keep your curtains in good order. DIY cleaning must be supplemented by professional curtain cleaning at least once every quarter to ensure that your curtains are well-maintained. We recommend professional curtain cleaners in Melbourne, like Curtain Cleaning Melbourne, to deep-clean your curtains.

Common mistakes that occur during DIY curtain cleaning In Melbourne

Given below are some curtain cleaning tips for cleaning curtains in Melbourne or any other place.

  1. Not checking the care labels: You may commence your curtain cleaning process using the wrong medium, like water when the manufacturer’s care labels require you to clean them only with solvents or use only vacuuming. This is particularly necessary in the case of materials like silk, velvet, or suede curtains. Using the wrong method, the wrong medium, or the wrong cleaning agent means you risk permanent damage to the curtain fabric. Always check the care labels to ensure that the curtains can be hand-washed.
  2. Skipping the dusting or vacuuming step: Curtain cleaning can be a chore that eats into time that can otherwise be devoted to personal or professional commitments. Make it a point to clean your curtains using a soft hand brush or the upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner to make them thoroughly clean. When you skip this step, you will have to clean not only the hidden dirt but also the surface dust that can be easily removed using the above-listed processes. You may need to apply additional effort to remove the dirt completely from the curtains.
  3. You may not be well-versed in the different types of cleaners and their side effects during the cleaning process. When you select abrasive, harsh, or unsuitable chemicals, you risk permanently damaging the curtain fabric. Make sure that you read all the instructions given on the label and the contraindications against certain uses. To be on the safer side, always opt for a soft and mild detergent that has fewer side effects. It is also better to avoid bleach and other strong chemicals unless necessary for white-colored curtains.
  4. Doing spot testing: Spot testing stain removers or detergents on a small patch in an inconspicuous corner of the curtain is always the best option. When you skip this step, you risk the colors spreading to all parts of the curtain and causing discoloration or worse.
  5. Not removing the hardware from the curtains before starting the cleaning process. Curtains are suspended by hooks, rings, and other embellishments when they are suspended on the curtain rod. You may forget to remove all this hardware before starting the cleaning process. This oversight may result in the curtain tearing and otherwise getting damaged and made unusable.
  6. We have emphasized in several articles the importance of cleaning up stains as soon as they occur. Not doing this may make these stains permanent and indelible. Attend to any stains as they occur immediately. Deep-set stains are a challenge to remove and require professional cleaning.
  7. Neglecting regular maintenance: When you neglect regular maintenance, you risk the dirt and stains becoming a permanent feature of your curtains. Regular cleaning also helps in preventing the organic wear and tear and depreciation of your curtain material. This may require more intensive cleaning at a later stage to restore the status quo as far as your curtains are concerned.
  8. Rough handling of your curtains: When you clean your curtains using a lot of force, you risk tearing your curtains. You must be particularly careful while cleaning delicate curtains made of silk or lace. Gently agitating and scrubbing is recommended for getting your curtains clean. Avoid high-speed spinning and only set your washing machine in a gentle setting to preserve your curtains.
  9. Your windows and curtains may be in the path of direct sunlight. This means your curtains will look prematurely faded and old. You can avoid this by hanging your curtains in shaded areas and regularly rotating your curtains to avoid sunlight exposure.
  10. Call expert cleaners like Professional Curtain Cleaning Melbourne at least once a quarter to clean your curtains without any damage.


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