A Step-by-Step Guide to Fresh and Bright Roller Blinds

Are you worried about the grime and dust on your blind? Do you want to keep it clean? Cleaning the blinds at regular intervals can help them stay spotless.Further, if you are busy or never thought of cleaning blinds before, we have an ultimate guide for you to follow for roller and Roman blinds cleaning.Moreover, you can clean any other type of blind using this method. So, let us get started. 

Step 1 – Extent The Blinds Fully 

Open the blinds and make sure that you reach every nook and corner of it. For better access and a closer look, you can roll these blinds down on the floor. Once on the floor, you can easily clean dirt and debris stuck on it. 

Step 2 – Use Vacuum Machine 

Use the brush or upholstery attachment of the vacuum to remove the dust. If you have vertical blinds, start brushing the blinds from top to bottom and if you have horizontal blinds, clean them from left to right. 

Holding them with one hand and cleaning them with another hand will give you a firm grip to clean them properly. Do not directly clean your blinds in water as it may transfer the dirt inside the material. 

Professional roller blind cleaning services use a specialised and modern vacuum cleaner for roller or Roman blind cleaning. However, the equipment used by experts is more advanced, specific for the material type and overall cleaning method. 

Step – 3 Make a solution of lukewarm water and detergent 

A tablespoon of detergent and a litre of water will be enough for you to clean the entire blind. However, you have to be careful while choosing a detergent as harsh chemicals and bleaches can discolour the blinds. 

Once you prepare the solution, submerge a sponge or cloth into the mixture and wring it out to avoid the excess water. 

Step – 4 Clean the Blinds 

Wipe the blind in a downward motion from top to bottom and from one side to another. Give a deeper scrub to remove tough stains but be gentle while scrubbing. Keep rinsing your cleaning cloth or sponge. 

Step – 5 Remove the Stains 

If the stains are not getting off by this solution, use fabric stain removal. However, hiring professional services for blinds cleaning in Melbourne will help you get those stains off the blind without any risk of damage. 

If you are using fabric stain removal, try it on a small section of the blind before applying it to the entire window covering. 

Step 6 – Leave the Blind to Dry 

Drying the carpets is your next responsibility to avoid mould or fabric damage. So, leave blinds extended and let them dry before retracting.  You may feel tempted to adorn your windows with cleaned and fresh roller blinds. However, layers of grime and stains on the blinds will make the blinds unhygienic and dull. You can implement these steps for blind cleaning to keep it spotless. Further, if you want to save your time and efforts, hire professionals for blinds cleaning in Melbourne. It is always advisable to hire roller blind cleaning services to keep your blinds clean and hygienic.