Ways To Clean Your Curtains Efficiently According To Type

Curtains can be made from a diverse range of fabrics. From silk to lace and linen, different fabrics serve different purposes. However, their cleaning isn’t done using a single method. If you want your curtains to last long, it is essential that you clean them based on the fabric type.

Washing a curtain that requires dry cleaning will only damage the fabric. Therefore, you should know a bit about the right cleaning technique based on your curtain fabric type.

Here are some right techniques for curtain cleaning Melbourne that you can try on different curtain fabrics.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are among the most preferred fabric type for curtains. The color options and versatility never fail to attract customers around the world. However, there is something you should know about cotton curtains, that they shrink after every wash.

For washing cotton curtains, you should use cold water if the colors are dark. You can use warm water in case the curtains are lighter in color. For professional curtain cleaning Melbourne results, you should consider washing your cotton curtains after 4-5 months, and dusting them weekly.

Velvet Curtain

Velvet curtains can transform the look of a space instantly making it royal and elegant. Velvet curtains are often dark in colors and great for a blackout. These curtains need to be cleaned gently.

Use cold water and half the amount of cleaning detergent you use usually and wash them in gentle mode. Make sure to vacuum clean these curtains before washing them. Perform color fastness test, if the colors are dark.

Silk Curtains

Silk curtains give a soft feel to your house, making it cozier. For washing silk curtains at home, you can prefer handwashing or machine washing as per the instructions mentioned on the label.

Use mild shampoo in warm or cold water and soak up the curtains for a few minutes. Check if there are any color bleeding issues or not. Allow the curtains to air dry so can get expert-like results. Feel free in hiring curtain cleaners Melbourne for an effective and safe curtain cleaning experience.

Linen Curtain

Linen is a natural fabric that is commonly preferred by homeowners. For cleaning linen curtains, you should consider hiring curtain cleaners Melbourne for dry cleaning. Curtain dry washing should be done at an interval of 4-5 months.

However, some curtains can be machine washed as well. You should follow the instructions before making a final call. If it is safe to wash curtains at home, you can use cold water and mild detergent and gently run them in your washing machine. Avoid using a dryer, instead, hang the curtains outside and allow it to air dry. Press the curtains for better results.

Lace Curtains

Lace curtains are pretty aesthetics, but cleaning them isn’t as easy. Your lace curtains can get wrinkled if wet. For cleaning them thoroughly, you should shake off the dust and dander. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner for removing dust.

For washing them, use a mild detergent with lukewarm water and swirl them gently. After draining the water, wash the curtains in fresh water and hang them outside for air drying. Avoid putting curtains in dryers as they can get wrinkled and may get torn.

Final Words

These are some commonly available curtain fabrics and how you should clean them. Follow our instructions for washing the curtains based on their fabric type. This way you can keep your curtains fresh and clean that will last for a long time.

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