Curtain Cleaners Melbourne is one of the leading companies that provide the best curtain cleaning, onsite drapery cleaning, and curtain steam/dry cleaning services in Deakin. We have a professional Curtain Cleaning Melbourne staff who is fully trained to refurbish your window dressing and retain its original state. Apart from curtains, we also offer blind cleaning of various types of curtain such as Venetian curtain , roman curtain , mini curtain , vertical curtain and panel curtain .

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If you are looking for an onsite curtain cleaning service, then look no further than Curtain Cleaners Melbourne. We are a professional curtain cleaning company that specializes in onsite curtain cleaning. Our team of experienced and qualified curtain cleaners will arrive at your home or office and clean your curtains quickly and efficiently.

Curtain Stain Removal Melbourne:

remove all types of stains from your curtains or blinds. Our curtain cleaning process is safe for both fabric and leather curtains.We provide curtain cleaning services for both domestic and commercial customers in Melbourne.

Cleaning Treatment for Curtains:

The curtain cleaning process begins with a pre-inspection of the curtains to determine the best method of cleaning. We will test a small area of the curtain for colourfastness. The curtain is then cleaned using our safe and gentle curtain cleaning system. This system uses hot water and a non-toxic cleaning solution to remove all the dirt, dust, and stains from the curtain.

Curtain Deodorizing:

We also offer curtain deodorizing services to remove any unpleasant odors from your curtains.

Curtain Drying:

After the curtain cleaning process is complete, we will dry the curtain using our curtain drying system.

Final Inspection :

Our curtain cleaners will perform a final inspection of the curtain to ensure that it is clean and free of all stains and odors.

If you are looking for a professional curtain cleaning service in Melbourne, call us today to schedule a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss our curtain cleaning services with you and answer any questions you may have.

Roman Blind Cleaning Services

Clogged vents might cause numerous hazards, which can be avoided by simply cleaning the vent. Some of those issues are:

We even offer curtain cleaning services to pelmets, Roman curtain , valances and other types of curtains. Additionally, we expertise in roman blind cleaning and Roman curtain cleaning and give the best possible solutions for your expensive curtains and curtain .

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Why Choose Curtain Cleaning Melbourne ?

As a committed family business catering to local clients in Melbourne, we are very mindful of the fact that earning customer trust requires integrity and effort. And we keep this at the centre of all our services and interactions, creating experiences that are high in customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curtain cleaning usually involves a thorough inspection of the curtains to identify any areas that may need special attention, such as stains or dirt build-up. The curtains will then be cleaned using the appropriate method, which could include vacuuming, steam cleaning or dry cleaning.
Most types of curtains can be cleaned, but it is always best to check with the curtain cleaner first to ensure that they are capable of cleaning your specific type of curtain.
Curtain cleaning should be carried out at least once a year but may need to be done more often if the curtains are heavily used or exposed to a lot of dirt and dust.
Curtain cleaning can be done at home, but it is usually best left to the professionals as they will have the correct equipment and know-how to safely clean the curtains.
Professional curtain cleaning can provide several benefits, including:
  • A deeper clean that removes all the dirt and dust from the curtains
  • The removal of any stains or marks that may have been left behind
  • The prevention of mould and mildew growth
  • A longer life for your curtains
Professional curtain cleaning should be carried out at least once a year but may need to be done more often if the curtains are heavily used or exposed to a lot of dirt and dust.

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