Same Day Curtain Cleaning

Same Day Curtain Cleaning

In the bedroom, in the living room and even in the kitchen, the curtains adorn your windows and doors, offer privacy, omit outside commotion and regulate the light. However, with time, they get dirty as they gather dust and even grease, especially those in the kitchen. So, at least once a quarter, you have to clean them or for the less dirty ones, twice a year. Cleaning curtains is not only a matter of visual beauty, but it is also important for maintaining hygiene at home or office environment. Cleaning curtains is not as easy a task as it appears to be due to the huge variation in fabric and the type of dirt and stains that settles over it with time. Hence, each curtain should be treated in a particular manner depending on its features.

At Curtain Cleaners Melbourne, we understand that and so put a lot of value in assessing the condition of the curtains first, so we can carry out the required procedures to clean them while taking care of their fabric. We are equipped with the latest gadgets, cleaning products and extremely dedicated staff who have earned the appreciation and satisfaction of all our clients over the years. Further, following the path of appeasing our clients by meeting all their requirements, we have introduced some exclusive services that will enable our clients to get access to our services whenever needed. Those services include:

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Why choose us to carry out curtain cleaning on such special occasions?

  • Proactive Approach: An emergency cleaning is not only about an immediate plan, but it is composed of several essential steps and has to be well defined to eliminate any risk that we find ourselves encountering.
  • Customised Cleaning and Sanitisation: When our employees are on site, they examine the condition of the curtains and the origin of the stains on it and then clean up the curtains accordingly. Immediately afterwards, they disinfect the curtains to remove all the traces of germs. Emergency cleaning requires speed, but the compact time and difficulties do not prevent us from going to the place where we are needed.
  • Specialised Skills: For a long time, many have thought that cleaning of curtains in residential as well as commercial places was an easy task, that anyone could do it. However, this operation requires specific skills, adequate equipment and, above all, mobilization of time and energy. Therefore, to use optimal cleaning, using a company like ours is the best solution.
  • Complete Hygiene: Many diseases are caused by infectious agents that may settle on the surface of the curtains due to irregular cleaning. These can also contaminate surfaces and equipment through contact, which is difficult to control without proper aid.

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Same Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Same Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne:

Many times, it happens that there is a special occasion at home or office, and you have completely forgotten about the condition of your curtains. It is bedraggled with stains, mud and dirt. In such a situation, it is imperative to seek the help from some professionals who can clean the curtains to perfection while you are overseeing other arrangements. Instead of a special occasion, it might be something else also, but if you need a quick, competent cleaning of curtains in Melbourne and its nearby suburbs on the very same day, do not hesitate to call us. Our certified team of curtain cleaners will reach your doorsteps in no time and will take care of everything for you. To avail our special services, all you have to do is reach out to us on our helpline number and set the appointment. Our customer support will provide you with different time slots and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Also, rest assured we do not charge any extra amount for our same day curtain cleaning services.

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Emergency Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Emergency Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne:

Certain cleaning emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. For instance, vomit spills, or pet excretes, or blood splotches and as such. If such stains are left alone without being treated immediately, they will start emitting a very foul smell and at the same time become the breeding zone of different types of pathogens. Such emergency situations require fast action to not only eliminate the stains but also to sanitise the curtains properly to ensure that the curtains are clean, stain-free, odour-free and germ-free. Our professional team is specially trained to deal with such stain situations expertly with fast thinking and dexterous functioning. So, whenever you find yourself in the need of emergency curtain cleaning services, contact us! Our assiduous and adroit staff will resolve all your cleaning emergencies without any extra cost. Just call and book our emergency curtain cleaning services in Melbourne and we will be there to help you in no time at all.

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Next Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Next Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne:

If you are planning a particular event at your place the next day and there is a need for a thorough cleaning, then we are there at your aid. We understand how you would like everything to be impeccable and alluring and we know just how to perform that task. Our experienced team of curtain cleaners in Melbourne has handled similar situations numerous times and so they are aware of the prerequisites to deal with such situations. So, whenever you wish to get your curtain cleaned for the next day event, set an appointment with us at no extra charges. All you have to do is call on our helpline number and request for the time slot convenient for you, and we will be there right on time to help you out.

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Urgent Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne

Urgent Day Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne:

In your day to day events, you have undoubtedly faced situations in which urgent cleaning becomes the need of the hour. In special cases, such as an unexpected spill of coloured liquids or food, animal excretes, etc. in the curtains of your home or office, the need for a specialized company to intervene in these cases is triggered. It is almost impossible for an amateur to clean the curtains spotless, and so, this is when we appear, Curtain Cleaners Melbourne, a company with experience in urgent day curtain cleaning, in which we act quickly to help our clients thanks to a high-performance service policy. Planning a cleaning plan can be summed up in two words: efficiency and immediate service. These are our main currencies for the total satisfaction of our clients when performing the curtain cleaning service on an urgent basis. To book our service, call our support and book a convenient time slot.

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How do we clean the curtains in such special cases?

  • The first step of our cleaning is conducting a thorough inspection of the curtains for that it is important to take into account the manufacturer's label, age of the curtains, fabric details and the type of stains. Not all fabrics or clothing are similar and depending on the type of curtain you have, it will require one type of care or others such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, etc.
  • Taking care of the delicate fabric, we apply only mild, environment-friendly detergents so that the curtains get cleaned but do not shrink.
  • After rinsing them, we dry them using our special modern dryers.
  • To acquire the impeccable fall of curtains, we press and iron the curtains after applying a primer that enhances their appeal.
  • We then hang the curtains back in place, either by reattaching the metal hooks or by passing the rings around the rod or even by placing the curtains on the track slides.
  • If we are performing steam cleaning, then with the use of high-temperature steam, the fabric of the curtains is naturally smoothed and, in this way, we also sanitise the curtains ensuring they are free of all sorts of germs.

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For performing our exclusive cleaning services in Melbourne, we have assembled innovative machinery and efficient staff that allows us to carry out our work efficiently and quickly. We offer our emergency cleaning team in Melbourne the necessary training to use the machinery they need to carry out their work. Our emergency cleaning team will attend to any unforeseen event that may arise on a day-to-day basis. So, be it any type of curtain cleaning you require at any time, get in touch with our experts!


  • Q: How often should I have my curtains cleaned?

    A:We recommend having your curtains cleaned every 6-12 months, depending on how often they are used. If you have pets or small children, you may want to have them cleaned more frequently.

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