The 3-step easy way to clean your curtains

The common cold, allergies, and other seasonal annoyances frequently get worse in the spring. Even if you vacuum your couch, thoroughly clean your rugs, and dust every surface in your home, spring irritants may still thrive in the places we neglected to clean when it was cold outside. Curtain Cleaning Melbourne is a very crucial part of home cleaning. Homeowners start making preparations for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas behind sinks, attics, and the back of closets as part of their regular cleaning, and others simply feel the itch to spring clean.

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Even though cleaning those challenging locations could seem like a victory, there is a far simpler approach to start spring cleaning by calling expert cleaning services. You should hire Curtain Cleaning Melbourne service to clean your draperies! When not cleaned properly, drapes and curtains, particularly those made of cloth, can hold onto particles of dust, dander, and stink. Learn how to effectively clean drapes and curtains like professional Curtain cleaners Melbourne to reduce allergens, fight airborne irritants, and enhance the general air quality of your home.

How to Clean Drapes and Curtains in Three Steps?

• Get the cleaning items ready
• Curtains should be cleaned while hanging
• Wash your curtains in a washing machine.

Have the cleaning supplies ready

Everyone can agree on one thing: it’s important to prepare your window coverings and gather your cleaning supplies in advance. Finding a dependable Curtain cleaners Melbourne expert in your neighborhood to dry clean your draperies is essential if they are made of cashmere, wool, or have stitched-in pleats or lining. Cotton, silk, synthetic, and sheer material drapes all need various cleaning agents and, consequently, different preparation. Hand washing or machine washing in warm water with a mild detergent is the best way to clean drapes and curtains made of cotton, sheer, synthetic fabric, or silk.

Prepare a small dish of warm water with your chosen detergent and odor-absorbing laundry booster before beginning this cleaning method, then soak a covert corner of your draperies in the solution. If you observe any dye discoloring the water while the cloth is soaking, this indicates that the fabric is not colorfast, and washing them in a washing machine will fade their color. The colors are safe for washing machines if the water stays clear.

How to Clean Drapes While They Are Hung?

There are alternative ways to clean drapes at home without pulling them down for curtains and drapes that are not suitable for the washing machine or for homeowners or renters who don’t have a washing machine. If you want to clean curtains while they are still hanging, all you need is a broom with synthetic and soft bristles, odor removal spray, and a vacuum.

Cleaning curtains, while they are hanging, will need to be done more frequently than machine washing. For instance, vacuuming your curtains twice a week and occasionally brushing dust mites and pet dander off with a soft-bristled brush would have a comparable impact to deep cleaning them with water and detergent every few months.

Once you’ve determined how often and best to clean your hanging curtains and drapes, use an odor-eliminating spray to combat mildew stench in between cleanings. A safe and efficient substitute for harsher household cleansers, odor-neutralizing Sprays, and odor-absorbing Gel employ natural chemicals to combat typical household aromas like mildew. To improve the quality of the air, spray your drapes with odor-removal spray and deodorize the area around them with odor-absorbing packs and candles. Then, anytime you notice visible dust or pet dander re-accumulating, gently brush or vacuum your curtains. If you feel unsure about the whole curtain cleaning process, then you can also call Curtain cleaners Melbourne service.

• Drapes can be cleaned and scented in the washing machine

You can put curtains and drapes in the washing machine if you can do your laundry at home and the fabric will allow it. Washing curtains and drapes on a gentle cycle in cool to warm water with a light detergent is the best method for cleaning them. To avoid overloading your washing machine, wash one window treatment at a time if your drapes are on the long side, and avoid stuffing too many curtains into one load if your curtains are on the shorter side. To successfully refresh drapes and eliminate odor molecules, it’s crucial to use a soft laundry booster and mild detergent when cleaning curtains at home.

Find a location to hang the drapes up and let them air dry after the drapes have finished washing in the washing machine. Try timing washing machine loads with air drying cycles if you’re short on space. Used curtains can collect allergies, grime, and odors, so you should clean them at least once a year using the method the manufacturer recommends. You can even hire Curtain cleaners Melbourne service so that they can handle the curtain cleaning for you. Typically, there will be a choice between dry cleaning and washing.

It’s advisable to clean them once a week with steam for washable fabric or a lint brush for dry-clean-only materials, or a vacuum for both, to avoid difficulty when deep cleaning them and to guarantee cleanliness. Then use gentle fabric softener sprays or wipes on them. Last but not least, you must avoid exposing your curtains to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and direct sunshine.

Hopefully, these tips will help you maintain clean and fresh curtains on your own, but if you find curtain cleaning a hassle or overwhelming, call our Curtain cleaners Melbourne service. And all you need to do is relax and leave your curtain cleaning worries on us!